What Your Watch Says About You

Your watch speaks volumes about your personality and is an indicator of one’s taste or status. Quite often, others judge you on the basis of a watch our wear. They tell others who you are, thus choosing appropriate watches is a big time necessity in order to stay stylish and trendy all the time. A watch communicates a personal sense of style perhaps more than any other accoutrement like shoes, sunglasses etc. No matter, which watch you are wearing, you are definitely making a statement of who you are and what is important to you. Your choice and taste of timepiece is about the aesthetic, the associations and, yes, the aspiration. It advertises how much you are willing to invest in your appearance: either your thought, money, or both. Let us now scroll down as to how our watches speak on our behalf.

  1. Party boy
    This guy will rather study a Premier League star’s wrist watch than his right foot, and more often admires Drake’s Rolex collection over his discography. You can find a U-Boat Classico and a rose gold TW steel. The style hero for these types of watches will be Mario Balotelli.
  2. Horology snubThis man keeps his collection in safe and can spot a fake Rolex at 10 paces and will happily judge you on your Timex. You can find him wearing a Patek Philippe and a Bregut tourbillion on his wrist. The style hero for these type watches will be Benedict Cumberbatch.of
  3. Anti-watch HipsterHe’s the one who knows not of self-depreciation and has almost certainly been to the Cereal Killer Café. You will find him wearing a classic Casio timepiece. Richard Ayoade is a style hero for this type.
  4. The tech-guyThis man is only interested in the future, so you can keep your antiques. He will drool over an Apple watch, or Moto 360. Sir Jony Ive will definitely be the style hero for these types of watches.
  5. Trendy everyman<This man explores the more stylish corners of the watch world, and you will see him wearing a uniform wares C41. He is more into handsome, handmade watches from brands with a strong social media presence. The style hero for this watch is definitely David Beckham.

Buying watches or rather any fashion apparels and accessories has become way too easier nowadays, with the coming of several online shopping stores. These stores stock wide range of men’s and women’s fashion apparels and accessories. Whether it is watches for women, men, kids etc, you can easily get them all on these online shopping stores. The range available with them will definitely spoil you for choice. Also you can rely on them for quality and the price, as these stores stock only genuine and authentic products on their site. Some of the famous online shopping stores where you can find your favorite timepieces are Tata CLiQ, Myntra, Jabong, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon etc to name just a few. So hurry up, and enjoy your shopping spree to the fullest.

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