Oysters which are an extraordinary and tasty molluscs, bring us tremendous beneficial nutrients, which will consequently improve our health significantly. These incredible capabilities include reduce the weight, upgrade metabolism, support tissue recovery and growth, diminish the level of cholesterol in the blood, lower the blood pressure, support and stimulate the functions of immune system and finally encourage the healthy cells grow. In addition, oyster can be used to regulate the blood stream and enhance the bone strength to lower the risk of osteoporosis.

Oyster is one kind of bivalve molluscs that are consumed all over the world due to its impressive benefits. There are hundreds of types of oysters. People do not consume those used to produce pearls, however, those do not will form a tasty and good dedicated dish. The edible parts are the meat within the oyster and when the shells are cracked, there are tremendous ways to cook the oyster. However, in some regions throughout the world, these oysters are preferred to consume in raw state which is believed to provide more nutrients than the cooked form.

The amazing benefits of oyster originate from its enormous supply of minerals, organic properties and vitamins. It is known that there are some certain properties found in oyster are in the highest amount, thus they are considered as premiere food throughout the whole world. And one of them is zinc. The other mineral which also can be found in oyster are protein, vitamin B12, D, copper, iron as well as selenium and manganese. In addition, there is a high content of niacin, vitamin C, phosphorus, sodium and potassium found in oyster as well. These components have allowed oysters to rank the first in enhance the body’s overall function. Therefore, let’s check those benefits it brings to us out!!!

1. Aphrodisiac
Being an aphrodisiac, oyster can be used to enhance the sexual performance and libido, majorly in men. Zinc found in oyster possesses an amazing ability since it consists of more than 1500% of the daily demanding for this significant components in a single serving. Zinc is proved to have a very close connection to sexual dysfunction in men. Thus, consumption of oysters enable men to boost the feelings of masculinity.

2. Reduce Weight
Packed with the lowest calories, oyster can be one of the most nutritious foods to consume without gaining any weight. When compared to a similar serving amount of chicken, oyster provide approximately half of the calories and chicken usually turn into low calories and high protein.

3. Protein
As we all known, proteins are on the most significant elements in our meals since it is regularly broken down through the body’s enzymatic activities and rebuilt into helpful proteins in body. And oyster is rich source of protein thus, do consume more oyster in your meal. The protein found in oyster also enables the proper metabolism, tissue recovery, cellular development, muscle strength and a tremendous variety of any other important aspects of human health.

4. Heart Health
Oyster owns a greatly impact on heart health in an enormous ways, yet majorly, the high amount of omega – 3 fatty acid is what influence the cholesterol in the blood greatly. Since omega – 3 fatty acid is considered as a positive cholesterol, the high proportion of this “good” cholesterol versus the negative cholesterol which is omega 6 fatty acid has allowed oyster the powerful player in the heart health improvement. This can lower the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood flow as well as prevent it from entering into blood vessel and artery walls. Thus, the risk of plaque aggregation and other associated diseases can be diminished sharply. In addition, the high content of potassium and magnesium found in oyster can reduce the blood pressure and ease the blood vessel, hence, regulate the circulation more smoothly and lower strain on the cardiovascular system as well. Lastly, oyster also consists of vitamin E which has ability of strengthen and adjust the cellular membranes.

5. Regulate Blood Circulation
Being an amazing supply of iron, oysters provide more than 90% of our daily standard requirements in every single serving. Iron is known as the major element that builds up our red blood cells within the body, thereby, forms the primary defence against anaemia which is also called lack of iron. This iron deficiency can lead to fatigue, stomach disorders, muscles weakness and cognitive malfunction. Plus, with a fresh supplement of iron to boost up the circulation system and organ system, oyster can regulate these system functions more efficiently and enhance the overall metabolism of the body.

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