Different Types of Hotels in Madrid

If you have ever been to Spain, then you must be aware that Madrid is one of the best destinations to visit. There are so many different attractions you will also find the best hotels in Madrid. If you are planning a vacation to Madrid and need to find hotels in Madrid, then this will be a great guide to follow. Madrid cheap hotels will accommodate the needs of different people, and you will get to enjoy the rich culture of the region. Here are some of the best hotels in Madrid:

Hotel Santa Domingo

This is one of the best hotels in Madrid and has a whole lot of comfort to offer to the guests. It has 120 rooms, with unique decorations, which means there is no single room that looks like the other. The rooms are fitted with thermostats to control temperature, and you get to choose your preferred background music. The lights are modern and adjustable, and you can get the hydro-massage bathtubs in the superior double rooms. This is among the best hotels in Madrid, and the country at large.

URSO Hotel & Spa

It will take you only 5 minutes to walk from Alonso Martinez Metro Station to get to URSO Hotel & Spa. There are elegant rooms that are fitted with modern amenities including a gym, a spa and free Wi-Fi. The features of this hotel make it among the best hotels in Madrid. Each room has air conditioning, a mini bar, and a TV. The hotel has a spa that has a water area, gym, and massages. You can walk to some of the best attractions in the city including shopping malls and parks. This is one of the hotels in Madrid that has a whole lot of convenience to offer.

Hotel AC Santo Mavro

This is an old French Palace hotel that has been renovated using modern architecture. The hotel has a rich history and a whole lot to offer to the guests. Some of the reasons why it is among the best hotels in Madrid are the original dining hall and library, which have been maintained in their original state. You will enjoy a beautiful blooming view from some of the rooms. The garden is well manicured and maintained. There are 37 rooms that have all the necessary facilities.

Lusso Infantas

Lusso Infantas is located just a few meters from Gran Via and has so many restaurants and bars within the vicinity. These are some of the factors that make it a preferred destination for most guests and one of the best hotels in Madrid. The rooms have a flat-screen television, a safe, large bathroom, and all the necessary amenities. You will enjoy typical dishes and continental cuisines at this hotel. This is definitely one of the key hotels in Madrid.

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