Complete Guide to Hotels in Chiang Mai

Perhaps Chiang Mai is one of the very few places in the world that offers a very affordable accommodation.  In fact, you can find a place to stay for only $3 per night.  But remember that not all cheap hotels in Chiang Mai are created equal.  For those who are hoping that they will have a great sleep and have a warm shower in a tidy shower room, complete with a Wi-Fi connection, here are some of our recommendations.

Hug Bed & Breakfast

This is a bed dorm that is equipped with a modern style bunk bed.  This place is situated on northern part of Chiang Mai.  For those who are looking for privacy, they also offer a family room.  This Cheap Hotel In Chiang Mai comes with a secure locker, free Wi-Fi connection and they also serve food which you can have while indulging on the beautiful scenery in their patio.  The price will start at only $9 per night for the mixed bed dorm and $11 for the female-only bed dorm.

Dozy House

Nested at the western part of the city, this place looks just like a hostel.  They offer a bed-dorm with 6 comfortable bunkers and a private room.  The private room of this cheap hotel cost only $14 per night and the bed dorm costs $9.


This is for someone that is looking for an accommodation that is more comfortable compared to the conventional hostel.  It is a comfortable and welcoming hotel situated at the heart of the Old city.  In addition, it is close to the prime tourist attractions located in Chiang Mai including the temples and the local market.  Breakfast is served fresh every morning, and Wi-Fi is also accessible without any additional charge during the entire day.  The cost of this best hotel will start at $30 for the special room, but the cost can increase up to $47 during particular occasions.


This is a modern type of hotel that provides a great customer service.  Just like the Cozytel, the destinations, and the Night Bazaar can easily be reached when you choose to book in this cheap hotel in Chiang Mai.  You can choose from the standard or the deluxe room.  Cost of accommodation can range from $41 up to $61.

Pha Thai

This guest house has a fascinating exterior structure and enthralling interior decoration that is strategically located on the south eastern portion of the Old City.  Though the place doesn’t serve breakfast, there is a place nearby that offers the best-tasting local cuisine which will allow you to completely immerse on the amazing culture of Thailand. Cost for staying per night will start from $40.

Most of the first-time tourists could not really determine the big deal with Chiang Mai.  They do not understand why the place has been attracting a lot of tourist.  But after a few days of stay in the best hotel, they all fall in love with the magical and enthralling beauty of the old city.

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